Daniel Granato



Associate Professor in Food Science & Health at the Faculty of Science and Engineering, University of Limerick. Granato has extensive international experience and is part of the board member of journals with the greatest scientific impact in ​​food science and technology. He is currently Scientific Editor of the Journal of Food Science, Comprehensive Reviews on Food Science and Food Safety, Food Chemistry, and Food Chemistry: X, and is on the editorial board of Food Research International, Current Opinion on Food Science, Molecules, and Foods. He has supervised more than 90 BSc, MBA, MSc and PhD  students. Granato has >10,000 citations and over 200 published scientific articles. His research lines have as main focus the development of functional foods of plant and animal origin. Phenolic compounds, statistical methods for quality control and food technology (potentially functional teas, bee products, milk and dairy products) are areas of great interest.