Deirdre Brady

Lecturer Below The Bar PhD



 I am an experienced researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.  Having worked in international companies, I bring a market-based focus to my teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within the Department of Management and Marketing. Furthermore, I develop and design workshops in the Management Development Unit, focusing on business communications and reflective practice. Other teaching experience includes Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Marketing Leadership, International Business Consultancy, Communications, Marketing Communications and Thesis Writing. My interests include mapping networks and communications in the cultural marketplace, specifically focusing on women in print cultures and publishing histories. My research has been published in scholarly International peer-reviewed journals, and I have contributed articles  to The Irish Times. 

Research Interests

 My interdisciplinary research incorporates concepts from sociology, business and cultural theory.  It involves identifying writers groups and intellectual networks in the cultural marketplace - specifically focusing on female networks, communications circuits and publishing histories The development of new ideas, writing lives, and cultural networks interests me greatly and I have published and presented on these issues in a variety of peer-reviewed international publications. My teaching interests expand on these concepts, focusing on reflective practices,  marketing strategies,  managing business communications, and academic literacies modules.

Peer Reviewed Journals

  Year Publication
2018 'The Road to Cuzco: An Irish woman writer's journey to the ‘navel of the world’'
Deirdre Brady (2018) 'The Road to Cuzco: An Irish woman writer's journey to the ‘navel of the world’'. Irish Migration Studies in Latin America, 9 (1):11-24 [ULIR Link] [Details]
2017 '“Writers and the International Spirit”: Irish PEN in the Postwar Years'
Deirdre Brady (2017) '“Writers and the International Spirit”: Irish PEN in the Postwar Years'. New Hibernia Review, 21 (3):116-130 [DOI] [ULIR Link] [Details]

Other Journals

  Year Publication
2014 'Modernist Presses and the Gayfield Press'
Deirdre Brady (2014) 'Modernist Presses and the Gayfield Press' Bibliologia, 9 :103-118. [ULIR Link] [Details]

Newspaper Articles

  Year Publication
2015 An Irish literary set that was more Bloomsbury than barstool.
Brady, D (2015) An Irish literary set that was more Bloomsbury than barstool. Newspaper Articles [Details]
2016 North-South rivalry and East-West rows: when Ireland was literary centre of world.
Brady, D. (2016) North-South rivalry and East-West rows: when Ireland was literary centre of world. Dublin: Newspaper Articles [Details]

Honours and Awards

  Year Title Awarding Body
2008 Research Doctoral Scholarship Department of Sociology, University of Limerick


  Year Institution Qualification Subject
2007 University of Limerick Master of Arts Women's Studies
2014 University of Limerick PhD Literary Networks & Coterie Culture

Professional Associations

  Association Function From / To
The Teaching Council Member 05-JAN-17 /
Ennis Chamber Executive Committee Member 05-JAN-05 / 21-DEC-06

Outreach Activities


 My talk on ‘the use of Reflective Learning Journals in making better business decisions’ was selected for the UL Talks Series 2018. The talk series, which is run by the Centre of Teaching and Learning, was filmed on 6th February and will be officially launched in September 2018.       

Teaching Interests

My teaching experience includes leading modules in Marketing, Communications, Marketing Communications, Interdisciplinary Research Methods, and International Business Confirmation Papers for undergraduate programmes. Continuing professional development is part of my teaching philosophy, and as such, I have designed and delivered workshops in business communication, reflective practice, writing strategies and integrative case studies for the Management Development Unit (MDU); alongside skills-based workshops for postgraduates in graduate studies (CPE).  My online teaching extends to blended learning platforms and I am the online moderator for the Transferable Skills Module aimed at PhD Students from a diversity of academic disciplines on the importance of developing networks and articulating research research outputs to the academic community.

Modules Taught

  Term (ID)) Title Link Subject
Spring 2017/2018 International Business Confirmation Paper BS4008
Spring 2017 Marketing Management MK4006Marketing (non-business)
Spring 2017 Marketing Communications MK4025
Autumn 2017 Communications CM4203
Autumn 2017 Managing Communications MG2131
Autumn 2017 Reflective Learning Journal PM2042
Autumn 2017 Integrative Case Study MG2152
Autumn 2017 Marketing MK4603Marketing (non-business)
Autumn 2016 Reflective Learning Journal PM2042
Autumn 2016 Managing Communications MG2131