Isabel Pita



Isabel Pita is currently employed as a Postdoctoral Researcher working between the Tyndall National Institute as part of Brian Corbett’s III-V materials and devices group and the Department of Physics at the University of Limerick. She is working on an Irish Research Council funded project which aims to integrate LED structures with antennas. Previously Isabel worked as a Postdoctoral Researcher in the nanophotonics and nanoplasmonics group at the University of Limerick where she researched the formation of all-inorganic LEDs. Her main research interests are optical antenna incorporation into nanoscale devices, nano-optic device component fabrication, light-emitting diode fabrication, nanowire and nanoparticle synthesis, surface plasmon enhancement, plasmonic circuits, and optical waveguide analysis.

Isabel obtained her PhD from the Faculty of Science and Engineering at the University of Limerick in January 2018. She graduated with a 1st Class Honours B.Sc in Applied Physics from the University of Limerick in August 2013.

Isabel is a holder of a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellowship (GOIPD/2018/10) and previously held an Irish Research Council Postgraduate Scholarship (GOIPG/2013/58).