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Boyce, A; Walsh, G
Biochemistry And Molecular Biology Education
A series of enzymology-based experiments designed to mimic an applied research project
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enzyme phytase environmental biotechnology biotechnology education PHYTASE BIOTECHNOLOGY PURIFICATION
Four mini-practicals are described in which the effects of temperature and pH on phytase activity are assessed, as well as the enzyme's thermostability and the effect upon stability of simulated digestive tract conditions. Phytase is routinely incorporated into monogastric animal feed to ameliorate the negative nutritional and environmental consequences of its substrate, dietary phytic acid. In addition to illustrating selected basic concepts in enzymology, the combined experiments allow the students to determine the suitability of the test phytase for inclusion in animal feed. As such the practical mimics an applied research project and is particularly suited to biotechnology students undertaking courses in basic biochemistry. Students may be segregated into groups of 4, with each team member charged with undertaking one of the mini-experiments. In this way students are given individual responsibility and learn to work as part of an integrated research grouping.
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