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Muda, R; Dooly, G; Clifford, J; Mulrooney, J; Flavia, G; Merlone-Borla, E; Chambers, P; Fitzpatrick, C; Lewis, E
Journal Of Optics A-Pure And Applied Optics
Simulation and measurement of carbon dioxide exhaust emissions using an optical-fibre-based mid-infrared point sensor
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carbon dioxide mid-infrared optical fiber sensor environmental monitoring exhaust emissions CORRELATION SPECTROSCOPY GAS
A novel optical-fibre-based sensor for measurement of CO(2) gas emission concentrations in exhaust systems of a motor vehicle is reported. The sensing principle is based on open-path direct absorption spectroscopy in the mid-infrared range. The sensor system comprises of low cost and compact mid-infrared components, which make it suitable for insertion into the exhaust system of automotive vehicles. The sensor utilizes a calcium fluoride CaF(2) narrow band pass (NBP) filter for detection of CO(2) gas without cross-sensitivity to other gases present in the exhaust system. Furthermore, it can be integrated into the mechanical and electronic interface systems of existing vehicles without any problems.
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