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Fitzpatrick, C; Lewis, E; Al-Shamma'a, A; Pandithas, I; Cullen, J; Lucas, J
Optical Review
An optical fiber sensor based on cladding photoluminescence for high power microwave plasma ultraviolet lamps used in water treatment
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phosphor based optical fiber sensor cladding fluorescence high intensity ultraviolet sensing microwave plasma ultra violet light
Low-pressure mercury lamps are commonly used for germicidal applications such as water and wastewater sterilisation. The germicidal effect is due to the emission of light at 254 nm. which leads to the destruction of most waterborne bacteria. The Microwave plasma ultraviolet lamp (MPUVL) is a new technology for generating a high intensity ultraviolet (UV) light. A Fluorescent optical fiber based sensor is presented which is used for monitoring the output of a high power microwave UV light source and its control. This sensor is a fiber which has had its cladding removed and been coated with a phosphor doped polymer.
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