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Fitzpatrick, C; O'Donoghue, C; Lewis, E
Measurement Science & Technology
A novel multi-point ultraviolet optical fibre sensor based on cladding luminescence
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ultraviolet cladding luminescence optical fibre sensor multi-point sensor spectrometer germicidal UV monitoring LIGHT
A novel multi-point optical fibre sensor for ultraviolet detection is presented. The sensor is a single piece of large-core polymer optical fibre which has had sections of its cladding stripped and replaced with phosphor-doped epoxies. These photoluminescent coatings act as the new cladding. Two points on the fibre have been coated with a different phosphor, each providing a different emission spectrum (red and green) when stimulated by ultraviolet radiation. The spectral emission intensity is dependent on the strength of the incident ultraviolet radiation. Part of this emission is coupled to the fibre's core through the evanescent wave of guided modes within the core. The fibre's output is monitored using a low-cost miniature spectrometer. The spectrometer output is used to interpret the different phosphor emission spectra and thus determine localized axial locations on the fibre of increased or decreased ultraviolet intensity. Results are included in the form of spectra (400-900 nm) under different ultraviolet stimulation conditions. An expanded version of this sensor has applications in monitoring ultraviolet water and waste-water sterilization units.
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