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Comyns, TM; Harrison, AJ; Hennessy, LK; Jensen, RL
Journal Of Strength And Conditioning Research
The optimal complex training rest interval for athletes from anaerobic sports
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countermovement jump stretch-shortening cycle sledge resistance exercise plyometrics JUMP PERFORMANCE KINETIC-ANALYSIS POWER EXERCISE SQUATS
Complex training research has indicated that 3-4 minutes may be an optimum intracomplex rest interval. The purpose of this study was to determine if a heavy resistive exercise causes performance enhancement of a slow stretch-shortening cycle exercise and if there is an optimal rest interval. Eighteen subjects performed countermovement jumps (CMJs) before and after a 5 repetition maximum back squat lifting protocol. This procedure was repeated 4 times over 2 days using rest intervals of 30 seconds and 2, 4, and 6 minutes. Flight time and peak ground reaction force (GRF) were the dependent variables. All jumps were performed on a specially constructed sledge and force platform apparatus. Repeated measures analysis of variance found a significant reduction in flight time at the 30-second and 6-minute interval (p < 0.05). No significant difference was found between men and women. Only the men showed an enhancement in jump performance after the 4-minute interval. The improvement window was different for each subject, and an analysis of the greatest increase and decrease in flight time and peak GRF was conducted, showing a significant decrease for men and women and a significant increase in flight time for men and peak ground reaction force for women. The results suggest that complex training can benefit or inhibit CMJ performance depending on the rest interval. The individual determination of the intracomplex rest interval may be necessary in the practical setting.
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