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Deenihan, JT; McPhail, A; Young, AM
European Physical Education Review
'Living the curriculum': Integrating sport education into a Physical Education Teacher Education programme
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living the curriculum model-based instruction physical education teacher education pre-service teachers sport education MODEL-BASED INSTRUCTION OCCUPATIONAL SOCIALIZATION RUSSIAN STUDENTS ADOPTION SEASON IMPLEMENTATION PARTICIPATION PERCEPTIONS EXPERIENCES DELIVERY
This study recognizes the paucity of research regarding how pre-service teachers learn to use Sport Education (SE) in their Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) programmes (Stran and Curtner-Smith, 2010). The study provides an opportunity in PETE where pre-service teachers 'live the curriculum' (Oslin et al., 2001) and experience a SE season (Siedentop, 1994) as participants. Data was collected through weekly observations, researcher and lecturer reflections and interviews and focus groups with the lecturer and pre-service teachers. The results provide support for the 'living the curriculum' experience from the perspective of the pre-service teachers. It was indicated, however, that there were occasions when the lecturer was compromised between teaching through SE while teaching pre-service teachers how to teach SE in schools. It was also observed that there was a diminishing awareness of SE towards the end of the module. Recommendations for the inclusion of SE in PETE are also provided.
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