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da Silva, ACR; Grout, IA
Ieee Latin America Transactions
MS2SV: Environment for translation of Matlab/Simulink models to VHDL-AMS models
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high-level synthesis translation tool mixed-signal D/A converter SYSTEMS ANALOG
This paper presents a methodology and a tool for projects involving analogue and digital signals. A sub-systems group was developed to translation a Matlab/Simulink model in the correspondent structural model described in VHDL-AMS. The developed translation tool, named of (MSSV)-S-2, can reads a file containing a Simulink model translating it in the correspondent VHDL-AMS structural code. The tool also creates the directories structure and necessary files to simulate the model translated in System Vision environment. Three models of D/A converters available commercially that use R-2R ladder network were studied. This work considers some of challenges set by the electronic industry for the further development of simulation methodologies and tools in the field of mixed-signal technology. Although the objective of the studies has been the D/A converter, the developed methodology has potentiality to be extended to consider control systems and mechatronic systems.
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