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Haynes, A. Power, M. and Devereux, E.
How Irish Politicians Construct Transnational EU Migrants
Doras Luimní
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Inward migration from EU member states is an important component of Irish immigration, with EU citizens constituting the majority of non-Irish immigrants to Ireland in the period 2005-2009. Eastern European immigrants have been especially hard hit by the recession. Many have emigrated as a consequence, but significant numbers have chosen to remain. International research indicates that recessionary periods may be accompanied by a decline in the quality of relations between the majority population and migrant groups as the latter are at risk of being scapegoated for the economic downturn experienced by all. In this economic and social context, political leadership on the matter of immigration is of crucial importance. Political parties have a key role to play in framing how the public understand the issue and impact of immigration.


This research study examines the manner in which politicians construct non-Irish EU immigrants to Ireland by analysing the content of statements attributed to this group in the print media. The decision to examine politicians’ statements made through the print media, rather than through government or party press releases was informed by a desire to analyse those statements which are most accessible to the public and therefore most likely to influence public opinion.
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Funded by Doras Luimní