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MacPhail, A; Tannehill, D.
Sport Education: International Perspectives
Professional Learning of Primary Generalist Teachers in Ireland: Modelling Sport Education
London, UK
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Sport Education (SE) is a new experience for the teacher who plans and delivers physical education using this approach and for the learner who takes on new and extended learning roles. Teachers face numerous challenges when attempting to implement the student-led instructional approach encouraged by SE. Siedentop, Hastie and van der Mars (2004) describe a new role for the teacher as an ‘instructional engineer’ who teaches, facilitates and assesses learning, and shares both the teaching and managerial tasks with learners. This shift from the more traditional teacher led approach to one where the learner takes centre stage with responsibility for their own learning can be difficult for both the teacher and the learner (Penney, Clarke, Quill & Kinchin, 2005). As this process evolves, learners become active in assuming leadership, making decisions, cooperating effectively with their team, and developing skills beyond that of a player.

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