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Dr. Yonit Kosovske
Historical Harpsichord Technique, Developing La douceur du toucher
Indiana University Press
Bloomington, Indiana USA
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Yonit Lea Kosovske surveys early music and writing about keyboard performance with the aim of facilitating the development of an expressive tone in the modern player. Reviewing the work of the pedagogues and performers of the late Renaissance through the late Baroque, she gives special emphasis to la douceur du toucher or a gentle touch. Other topics addressed include posture, early pedagogy, exercises, articulation, and fingering patterns. Illustrated with musical examples as well as photos of the author at the keyboard, Historical Harpsichord Technique can be used for individual or group lessons and for amateurs and professionals.

Early Music (2012) 40 (2): 318-319.
doi: 10.1093/em/cas034
First published online: July 20, 2012
David Ledbetter

 Early Music America, Spring 2012

ISBN-10: 0253356474
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