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Campbell, M & Moran, A
European Conference of Visual Perception
Expertise in action: An eye-tracking investigation of golf green reading
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eye-tracking quiet eye expertise visual attention green-reading
Toulouse France
The perceptual skill of green reading is the ability to judge the slope of a golf green and roll the ball into the hole. Requiring a unique combination of perceptual judgement, kinaesthetic imagery and biomechanical accuracy, putting accounts for about 40% of the shots played in a typical round (Gwyn & Patch, 1993) and is the key to shooting low scores in golf (Alexander & Kern, 2005). Surprisingly, few studies have investigated the two key prerequisites of effective putting - namely, the ability to "read" greens (i.e., to judge the slope of the putting surface) and the ability to coordinate eye-movements with motor control (visuomotor control; see work of Campbell, 2006 Unpublished PhD thesis UCD; Campbell & Moran, 2005 11th Congres International de l'ACAPS, 26-28 October 2005 Paris. In N. Bengiugui, P. Fontayne, M. Desbordes, & B. Bardy (EDS). Researches Actuelles En Sciences Du Sport, 347-348, EDP Sciences; Vine, Moore & Wilson, 2011). Using dynamic action based research, (field based research using a portable Tobii eye-tracker) we will examine what perceptual information golfers use in judging slope in a series of psychophysical eye-tracking studies. Participants will be elite golfers of varying levels of expertise and there will be a performance measure included (putts holed successfully). Results from two outdoor eye-tracking field studies will be presented and implications will be discussed, namely the possibility of extending the concept of "Quiet Eye" (Vickers, 2007).
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