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Geraghty, B., and Uno, H.,
British Association of Teachers of Japanese conference
“CD-ROM wo shiyoushita kana to kanji no gakushuu”
Reading University
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Poster presentation on the development of an interactive digital learning object to teach the kanji on the Irish Leaving Certificate syllabus for Japanese. 


アイルランド国立リムリック大学  バーバラ・ゲラティ 宇野浩子







Learning Kana and Kanji Using an Interactive CD-ROM


Barbara Geraghty  Hiroko Uno  University of Limerick, Ireland


This poster presentation reported on a reusable learning object (an interactive CD) developed in the University of Limerick the use of which has resulted in a more efficient introduction through the target language of hiragana and katakana to zero-beginner students of Japanese.


The CD contains kana tables; sound files demonstrating the pronunciation of all kana and animations demonstrating how to write the kana concerned. As part of the development process, usability testing was carried out twice, which provided important information regarding the future development of reusable learning objects of this kind. A pilot study comparing the rate of kana acquisition of groups using paper-based materials and the learning object also took place. This study demonstrated that zero beginners could learn to use kana in half the time used when learning from paper-based materials.


The presentation also reported on observation carried out on learners’ reactions to the object in class as well as on their reports of increased motivation and autonomous use of the object. Future research will focus on the future possibilities of blended learning in the area of Japanese Foreign Language Acquisition.