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Eimear Spain
Irish Journal Of Family Law
Vo v France: Reasonable Settlement or Missed Opportunity?
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Family law, criminal law, foetal homicide

This article critically appraises the decision of the Grand Chamber of the European Court of Human Rights in the case of Vo v France. The applicant, Mrs Thi-Nho Vo, argued that France had violated Art.2 of the European Convention on Human Rights(ECHR) by failing to provide a criminal remedy for the unintentional homicide of her unborn child. The European Court of Human Rights rejected this argument, and in so doing provided an interesting insight into the courtís persistent tendency to analyse Art.2 in terms of the abortion issue. The courtís reluctance to guide individual states in such sensitive areas as the question of when the right to life begins is also highlighted by the Vo case. In addition to discussing the Vo case, this article examines whether a criminal conviction is possible in this jurisdiction in relation to the homicide of a foetus in utero.

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