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Woods, CB,Tannehill, D,Walsh, J
Irish Educational Studies
An examination of the relationship between enjoyment, physical education, physical activity and health in Irish adolescents
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physical education physical activity enjoyment physical health adolescents CHILDREN SPORT YOUTH VALIDITY GIRLS RELIABILITY FITNESS INDEX MASS
Enjoyment of physical activity (EPA) is positively correlated with activity, yet little is known of its relationship with enjoyment of physical education (EPE). This study's purpose was to explore EPE and its relationship to EPA. Cross-sectional data (N = 4122, average age 14.5 +/- 1.7 years, 48% male) were collected as part of the CSPPA study (Children's Sport Participation and Physical Activity). Adolescents completed a self-report questionnaire on physical activity behaviour and physical education. A sub-sample (n = 902) completed a battery of physical health measures. Only 12% met the recommended physical activity guidelines (PAGL) for health. Few (10%) received the recommended minutes of physical education curriculum per week. Girls and older pupils received less physical education than boys and younger peers. Physical education classes were dominated by games, particularly for boys. EPE was positively correlated to EPA, and decreased as minutes of physical education decreased. Adolescents with high EPE and EPA were most likely to meet the PAGL. High EPE was correlated to a better health profile. If the factors that influence EPE are prevalent in physical education, then these youth are more likely to be happier, healthier and active beyond the school gates.
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