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MacPhail, A,Tannehill, D
Helping Pre-Service and Beginning Teachers Examine and Reframe Assumptions About Themselves as Teachers and Change Agents: "Who is Going to Listen to You Anyway?"
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Physical education teacher education structure agency workplace learning PHYSICAL-EDUCATION INDUCTION WORKPLACE PEDAGOGY
The focus of this article is how to ensure (beginning) teachers' needs as practitioners are part of the discursive dialogue in physical education teacher education programs. We consider the relationship between 'structure' and 'agency,'teachers as 'change agents' and refer to 'workplace learning' as we examine the extent to which the social structure of the school and the teaching profession, and/or the capacity of the individual to act independently, ultimately determines a teacher's behaviour in reaction to teaching expectations. We are interested as physical education teacher education faculty in how we (1) strive to help pre-service teachers examine and reframe assumptions about themselves as teachers and change agents, and (2) examine taken-for-granted school practices and processes. We share ways that physical education teacher education programs could encourage pre-service teachers agency and the relationship between initial teacher education and induction.
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