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Myers, TG,Mitchell, SL,Font, F
International Communications In Heat And Mass Transfer
Energy conservation in the one-phase supercooled Stefan problem
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Phase change Stefan problem Energy conservation Supercooling Kinetic undercooling UNDERCOOLED MELT MODEL
A one-phase reduction of the one-dimensional two-phase supercooled Stefan problem is developed. The standard reduction, employed by countless authors, does not conserve energy and a recent energy conserving form is valid in the limit of small ratio of solid to liquid conductivity. The present model assumes this ratio to be large and conserves energy for physically realistic parameter values. Results for three one-phase formulations are compared to the two-phase model for parameter values appropriate to supercooled salol (similar values apply to copper and gold) and water. The present model shows excellent agreement with the full two-phase model. (C) 2012 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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