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Kenny, IC; Harrison, AJ, Carson, BP
Out on a limb. PESS Sport Sciences support for amputee blade runner Simon Baker
National Council for Exercise and Fitness (NCEF)
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Amputee Biomechanics Blade Runner Marathon
On the 16th of January 2012 Simon Baker began a journey to run the Dublin City Marathon. No one has achieved this before. He underwent nine months of intensive training, but he didnít do it alone. He had a professional team behind him: Jason Kenny, Strength Training and Nutritional Coach of Forever Fit Promotions, who headed up the project, along with Alan Ward (National 50m Pool Manager of the University Arena), Karen McCreesh and Neasa Canavan (Physiotherapy, University of Limerick), Dr Drew Harrison and Dr Ian Kenny, Biomechanics (PESS, University of Limerick) and Dr Brian Carson (Physiology, PESS, University of Limerick). The project was supported by Jan Ottoson and Donna Fisher from human prosthetics company IDS Independent Disablement Services & Otto Bock and Dave Mahedy Arena Manager, University of Limerick.
Kavanagh, M.
Summer 2013, vol3(2)
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