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Blake, E.; Kenny, I. C.
2nd Annual Limerick Postgraduate Conference 2013
Using a mixed methods approach to establishing the scientific merits of a multi-disciplinary bodywork program
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University of Limerick, Ireland

Title: Using a mixed methods approach to establishing the scientific merits of a multi-disciplinary bodywork program.

Aim: The aim of this research is to establish the scientific merits of a bodywork program, to be integrated into the high performance athlete's regular routine, in addressing range of motion, mobility, performance psychology and recovery issues. The researcher will also investigate how the delivery of the technique in a team situation effects team dynamics.

Abstract: Firstly, range of motion and mobility often take a back seat to performance and skills training. Secondly, the growing field of performance psychology is an invaluable strategy for athletes, but where does it fit into the training cycle? And who should access it? Finally, the value of the cool-down process and more importantly the quality of the overall recovery process is hugely undervalued.  Often, a poor cool-down/recovery process, leads to athletes/coaches underestimating their performance status. As a result, training stimuli are increased, which only adds to the issues. The bodywork will first serve as a comprehensive sport specific screening tool, by assessing range of motion, through kinesiology based muscle length testing. This same screening process forms the framework for the technique, which will integrate aspects of myofacial release, flexibility development, proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation, shiatsu, tai chi chuan and crude vibrations. There are 9 sessions over a 20 day period, which look at acute & longitudinal effects on blood pressure, heart rate & heart rate variability, range of motion/flexibility, blood lactate, salivary cortisol & psychological state, as a result of a post stimulus intervention, using the technique. In a separate use of the bodywork, team cohesiveness, through administering a psychological questionnaire only, will be measured via a team based administration of the bodywork, over 6 sessions.

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