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Deenihan, JT,MacPhail, A
Journal Of Teaching In Physical Education
A Preservice Teacher's Delivery of Sport Education: Influences, Difficulties and Continued Use
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sport education physical education teacher education occupational socialization models-based approach pre-service teacher MODEL-BASED INSTRUCTION OCCUPATIONAL SOCIALIZATION PHYSICAL-EDUCATION ADOPTION
How preservice teachers (PSTs) learn and deliver Sport Education (SE) (Sieden-top, 1994) is an area researchers believe warrants further investigation (Stran & Curtner-Smith, 2009a). This study explores one PST's experiences delivering SE during a school teaching placement after undertaking a practical SE module in his Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program. Data were collected through pre, mid- and postteaching placement interviews, along with weekly visits by the first author where observation reflections and interviews were used to investigate his experiences delivering SE. Data were triangulated and analyzed using thematic coding. Occupational socialization (Lawson, 1983a, 1983b) was used to determine the factors which influenced his delivery of SE. Results showed his SE season was influenced by his teaching orientation, sporting experiences, PETE program and school context where he was teaching. Although he encountered difficulties, he valued SE's benefits and continued to use it during his subsequent career as a qualified teacher.
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