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Kia, HB,A'ain, AK,Grout, I,Kamisian, I
Circuits Systems And Signal Processing
A Reconfigurable Low-Noise Amplifier Using a Tunable Active Inductor for Multistandard Receivers
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Reconfigurable LNA Active inductor (AI) Cascade amplifier Impedance matching Multistandard receiver ULTRA-WIDE-BAND FRONT-END CMOS DESIGN LNA
A reconfigurable low-noise amplifier (LNA) based on a high-value active inductor (AI) is presented in this paper. Instead of using a passive on-chip inductor, a high-value on-chip inductor with a wide tuning range is used in this circuit and results in a decrease in the physical silicon area when compared to a passive inductor-based implementation. The LNA is a common source cascade amplifier with RC feedback. A tunable active inductor is used as the amplifier output load, and for input and output impedance matching, a source follower with an RC network is used to provide a 50 Omega impedance. The amplifier circuit has been designed in 0.18 mu m CMOS process and simulated using the Cadence Spectra circuit simulator. The simulation results show a reconfigurable frequency from 0.8 to 2.5 GHz, and tuning of the frequency band is achieved by using a CMOS voltage controlled variable resistor. For a selected 1.5 GHz frequency band, simulation results show S-21 (Gain) of 22 dB, S-11 of -18 dB, S-22 of -16 dB, NF of 3.02 dB, and a minimum NF (NFmin) of 1.7 dB. Power dissipation is 19.6 mW using a 1.8 V dc power supply. The total LNA physical silicon area is (200x150) mu m(2).
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