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Font, F,Mitchell, SL,Myers, TG
International Journal Of Heat And Mass Transfer
One-dimensional solidification of supercooled melts
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Phase change Stefan problem Kinetic undercooling Supercooling Heat balance integral method Asymptotic solutions Similarity solutions DIFFUSION BEHAVIOR GROWTH HEAT
In this paper a one-phase supercooled Stefan problem, with a nonlinear relation between the phase change temperature and front velocity, is analysed. The model with the standard linear approximation, valid for small supercooling, is first examined asymptotically. The nonlinear case is more difficult to analyse and only two simple asymptotic results are found. Then, we apply an accurate heat balance integral method to make further progress. Finally, we compare the results found against numerical solutions. The results show that for large supercooling the linear model may be highly inaccurate and even qualitatively incorrect. Similarly as the Stefan number beta -> 1(+). the classic Neumann solution which exists down to beta = 1 is far from the linear and nonlinear supercooled solutions and can significantly overpredict the solidification rate. (C) 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.
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