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McGarr, O,McDonagh, A
Technology Pedagogy And Education
Examining the role of the ICT coordinator in Irish post-primary schools
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ICT coordinator ICT leadership technical support pedagogical leadership INNOVATIONS RESPONSES
This paper reports on a study into the roles and attitudes of ICT coordinators in a sample of 37 schools in the Republic of Ireland. The research took an interpretative stance employing both questionnaires and interviews to explore the participants' experiences. The study revealed that the ICT coordinators' roles varied across schools. This variation was evident in the status of the position with considerable variance in the time allocated for their duties. In line with previous research, their duties appeared to be targeted towards maintenance and upkeep of equipment. The study raises questions relating to the gap in the rhetoric of the ICT coordinator's role and the reality of their day-to-day duties. The study also questions the prevailing discourse in relation to moves towards greater levels of pedagogical leadership, as opposed to maintenance and support.
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