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Zawawi, MA,O'Keeffe, S,Lewis, E
Plastic Optical Fibre Sensor for Spine Bending Monitoring with Power Fluctuation Compensation
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plastic optical fibre sensor spine monitoring power fluctuation compensation intensity modulation technique LOW-BACK-PAIN LUMBAR SPINE DISPLACEMENT SENSOR CURVATURE RELIABILITY KINEMATICS FLEXION DEVICE GAIT
This paper presents the implementation of power fluctuation compensation for an intensity-based optical fibre bending sensor aimed at monitoring human spine bending in a clinical environment. To compensate for the light intensity changes from the sensor light source, a reference signal was provided via the light reflection from an aluminum foil surface fixed at a certain distance from the source fibre end tips. From the results, it was found that the investigated sensor compensation technique was capable of achieving a 2 degrees resolution for a bending angle working range between 0 degrees and 20 degrees. The study also suggested that the output voltage ratio has a 0.55% diversion due to input voltage variation between 2.9 V and 3.4 V and a 0.25% output drift for a 2 h measurement. With the achieved sensor properties, human spine monitoring in a clinical environment can potentially be implemented using this approach with power fluctuation compensation.
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