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O'Loughlin, D., MacPhail, A. & Msetfi, R.
Studies In Higher Education
The rhetoric and reality of research reputation: "fur coat and no knickers"
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research reputation; appraising research quality; university rankings; reputation management; higher education policy

Evaluation systems including global university rankings have been recently

introduced as mechanisms for assessing overall academic quality, appraising

research reputation and as a basis for funding and policy decisions. This study

explores the concept of research reputation in terms of how it is de


constituted and assessed. Eight professor-level academics from a range of

disciplines based at European universities were interviewed. The


highlight the subjective and multidimensional nature of research reputation, the

role of informal and formal communications in creating and building research

reputation, and the inter-relationships between academics, departments and

institutions in enabling research reputation, individually and collectively. Given

the problematic nature of research reputation, it is critical that higher education

institutions engage in effective strategic reputation management at all levels.

Consistency of understanding of research reputation should also exist among all

users of ranking systems, particularly those involved in higher education policy

and research strategy decision-making.

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