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Hastie, P., MacPhail, A., Osinelnikov, O. & Calderon, A.
Professional Development in Education
Promoting professional learning through on-going and interactive support: Three cases within physical education
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physical education; Sport Education; professional learning; teacher education

This paper reports on three cases where university teacher educators have provided

an ongoing and interactive support system for teachers learning a particular

curriculum and instructional model in physical education in their own

schools. Located in diverse contexts (Ireland, Spain and Taiwan), each of these

initiatives was grounded in the idea that previous efforts at professional development

in settings outside the school led to less than successful implementation of

innovative practice once teachers returned to their own settings. The three cases

provide a description of the rationale for the professional development initiative,

followed by a more extensive description of the professional development itself

and its resultant outcomes. The third part of each scenario serves to highlight the

challenges faced by the providers and the teachers during the course of the professional

development. Three major themes (time, accessibility and modeling)

that were common across sites are discussed in terms of the implications for professional

development not only in physical education, but across subject areas

irrespective of geographical location.

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