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O’Connell E., O’Keeffe S., Newe T., Lewis E., Meere D.
8th International Conference on Sensing Technology (ICST 2014)
A multi-wavelength discriminating sensor with a wireless mote interface for aquatic pollution monitoring
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Marine Sensor WSN Pollution
The system presented in this paper demonstrates how a novel fibre optic based sensing platform, capable of detecting minute changes in the level of impurity in a liquid, can be incorporated onto a Mote based platform enabling real time monitoring of a body of water. How these features can be used to detect a representative sample of chlorophyll within a aquatic environment, will be demonstrated. Systems currently deployed worldwide include satellite mapping technology and high cost water monitoring platforms. Growing international emphasis on the management of water quality is giving rise to an expansion of the international market for novel robust, miniaturized, intelligent water monitoring systems capable of measuring local environmentally detrimental events such as localised small scale chemical pollution.
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