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Albadarin, AB,Glocheux, Y,Ahmad, MNM,Walker, GM,Mangwandi, C
Ecological Engineering
Novel comparison of kinetic models for the adsorption-coupled reduction of Cr(VI) using untreated date pit biomaterial
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Hexavalent chromium Bioreduction Adsorption coupled reduction Kinetic experiments HEXAVALENT CHROMIUM WASTE BIOSORPTION INDUSTRIAL SORPTION BIOMASS STONES VI
Biosorption of Cr(VI) onto date pit biomass has been investigated via kinetic studies as functions of initial Cr(VI) concentration, solution temperature and date pit particle size. Kinetic experiments indicated that chromate ions accumulate onto the date pits and then reduce to less toxic Cr(III) compounds. The Lopez-Garcia, Escudero and Park Cr(VI) biosorption kinetic models, which take into consideration the direct reduction, the passivation process and the follow-on decrease of the active surface area of reaction, were applied to the kinetic data. The models represented the experimental data accurately at low Cr(VI) concentration (0.480mM) and small particle size (0.11-0.22 mm) at which the Cr(VI) was completely removed from the aqueous solution and completely reduced to Cr(III) after 420 mm. Date pit biomass thus offers a green chemical process for the remediation of chromium from wastewater. This investigation will help researchers employ the adsorption-coupled reduction of Cr(VI) models and simplify their application to kinetic experimental data. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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