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O'Sullivan, K
Legal Studies
'Rethinking Ancillary Relief on Divorce in Ireland: The Challenges and Opportunities'
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Ancillary relief Divorce Family property Spousal support Property division

This article considers the highly discretionary equitable redistribution scheme governing ancillary relief in Ireland pursuant to the Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996. The article begins by drawing on the most up-to-data empirical data highlighting the principal difficulties inherent in the Irish ancillary relief system as currently applied and placing the spotlight firmly on the need for reform. It then considers the constitutional parameters which limit any change to the ancillary relief system applied before presenting a detailed proposal for reform. It concludes that although legislative change may be politically challenging, the commonly cited constitutional impediments to reform do not preclude the adoption of an alternative ancillary relief scheme. Instead, the article argues the adoption of a more rule-oriented, ‘pillared’, approach to ancillary relief provision may better resolve the challenges currently faced in Ireland and ought to be afforded serious consideration in Ireland.

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