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Devereux, E., Power, M. & Haynes, A.
European Sociological Association Research Network 37 “Urban Sociology” Mid-Term Conference: Public spaces and private lives in the contemporary city
“Nothing but the same old story”: Limericks’ Regeneration Project – Mark II.
Lisbon, FCSH-UNL
International Refereed Conference
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Limerick, a small post- industrial city in the south-west of Ireland is currently undergoing a projected fifteen year programme of urban regeneration, which was originally centred on a number of deeply disadvantaged neighbourhoods (Hourigan 2011, Fitzgerald 2007). In September 2013, the Minister of State for Housing and Planning launched the Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan, - which is substantially different to the original 2008 Regeneration 'Master Plan' - and claimed it will deliver "safe and sustainable communities" and “greater integration between the regeneration areas and adjacent communities. 


Our paper begins by analysing the original Regeneration ‘master plan’ (2008) and in particular the plan to create mixed (socio-economic) communities. The paper draws on qualitative empirical work conducted with residents in the regeneration areas and offers a critical insight into the implementation (or rather lack) of the policy to promote real and tangible diversity as part of the Regeneration project. While policies promoting diversity can have a positive impact on social cohesion within neighbourhoods and cities (see Paddison and McCann 2014), our paper will argue that the policies pursued in Limerick have had a polar opposite impact, creating marginalised / ghettoised communities with uniform socio-economic populations (see Bridge et al. 2012; Cheshire 2007) which exhibit quite significantly reduced levels of “collective efficacy” (Power and Barnes 2010). The paper concludes with a theorisation on the likelihood of the policies presented in the new Limerick Regeneration Framework Implementation Plan achieving the desired outcomes.