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McDonagh, A,McGarr, O
Irish Educational Studies
Technology leadership or technology somnambulism? Exploring the discourse of integration amongst information and communication technology coordinators
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ICT coordinator educational leadership ICT integration ICT in schools discourse ICT SCHOOLS
This research aimed to explore information and communication technology (ICT) coordinators' discourse in relation to ICT integration in a sample of Irish post-primary schools. As ICT leaders in their schools, how they conceptualise ICT significantly influences school-based policy and use. The research involved semi-structured interviews with a sample of nine ICT coordinators in the Mid-west region of Ireland. The study found that the coordinators drew heavily on the prevailing policy discourse when justifying the use of ICT in schools. However, they tended to see the evolution of ICT as something beyond their control and perceived 'progress' only in relation to hardware acquisition. The findings suggest that the shift from 'electronic janitor' to pedagogical leader is in its infancy in Irish schools. Policy-makers may need to take greater cognisance of the importance of pedagogical leadership within a context dominated by a focus on acquiring hardware and resources. At a broader level, educators need to define their collective vision for ICT, rather than placing sole responsibility on a single agent of change.
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