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Glocheux, Y,Albadarin, AB,Mangwandi, C,Stewart, E,Walker, GM
Journal Of Industrial And Engineering Chemistry
Production of porous aluminium and iron sulphated oxyhydroxides using industrial grade coagulants for optimised arsenic removal from groundwater
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Ferric aluminium sulphate Ferric sulphate Aluminium sulphate Iron oxyhydroxides Adsorption Arsenic removal AS(V) REMOVAL ADSORPTION WATER OXIDES MINERALS SINGLE SYSTEM CHARGE IONS
The optimisation of Fe and Al oxyhydroxide materials produced using industrial grade coagulants is presented in this work. The effects of synthesis pH and post-synthesis washing procedure onto the arsenic adsorption capacity of the materials were investigated. It was shown that the materials produced at higher pH were more efficient in removing As(V), especially after cleaning procedure. The materials produced at lower pH were less efficient in removing As(V) but the higher presence of sulphate groups in the materials produced at lower pH enhanced As(III) adsorption. Most performing materials can remove up to 84.7 mg As(V) g(-1) or 77.9 mg As(III) g(-1). (C) 2014 The Korean Society of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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