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Carmel Hannan
Social Studies-Irish Journal Of Sociology
Teaching Stats: A Crisis in Irish Sociology?
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empirical; quantitative methods; sociology; teaching
There is now a lack of quantitative capacity among practitioners and teachers in sociology in Ireland. Yet interest in the value of quantitative methods among governments, funding organisations and society in general are on the increase. Social science research councils and funders in other countries, notably the UK, have realised there is a problem and are now attempting to remedy this through increased funding for the recruitment of quantitatively trained academics for example, Q-Step. The paper examines a number of developments notably Big Data, increases in transdisciplinary research and developments in mixed methods research which, it is argued, underline the need for more and better quantitative methods teaching in sociology. The paper calls for sociology departments to re-think their curricula and actively promote the teaching of a range of methods at the undergraduate level.
ISSN 0791-6035
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