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3. Sven Poeggel, Daniele Tosi, Dineshbabu Duraibabu, Gabriel Leen, Deirdre Mcgrath, Elfed
Optical Fibre Pressure Sensors in Medical Applications
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optical fibre sensors; Fabry–Perot interferometer; pressure sensors
This article is focused on reviewing the current state-of-the-art of optical fibre pressure sensors for medical applications. Optical fibres have inherent advantages due to their small size, immunity to electromagnetic interferences and their suitability for remote monitoring and multiplexing. The small dimensions of optical fibre-based pressure sensors, together with being lightweight and flexible, mean that they are minimally invasive for many medical applications and, thus, particularly suited to in vivo measurement. This means that the sensor can be placed directly inside a patient, e.g., for urodynamic and cardiovascular assessment. This paper presents an overview of the recent developments in optical fibre-based pressure measurements with particular reference to these application areas.
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