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Walker, GM,Albadarin, AB,McGlue, A,Brennan, S,Bell, SEJ
Progress In Organic Coatings
Analysis of friction factor reduction in turbulent water flow using a superhydrophobic coating
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Superhydrophobic Cassie state Fluid resistance Friction factor Coated pipe FABRICATION SURFACES SLIP
This study provides experimental and theoretical evidence that the coating of the inner surface of copper pipes with superhydrophobic (SH) materials induces a Cassie state flow regime on the flow of water. This results in an increase in the fluid's dimensionless velocity distribution coefficient, a, which gives rise to an increase in the apparent Reynolds number, which may approach the "plug flow state". Experimental evidence from the SH coating of a classic unsteady-state flow system resulted in a significant decrease in the friction factor and associated energy loss. The friction factor decrease can be attributed to an increase in the apparent Reynolds number. The study demonstrates that the Cassie effects imposed by SH coating can be quantitatively shown to decrease the frictional resistance to flow in commercial pipes. (C) 2015 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
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