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Achim Schmalenberger and Aaron Fox
2016 March
Advances in Applied Microbiology
Bacterial Mobilization of nutrients from biochar amended soils
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Bacterial community structure Nitrification Denitrification Biological nitrogen fixation Calcium phosphate mobilization Phosphate ester mobilization Phosphonate mobilization Sulfate ester mobilization Sulfonate mobilization

Soil amendments with biochar to improve soil fertility and increase soil carbon stocks have received some high-level attention. Physical and chemical analyses of amended soils and biochars from various feedstocks are reported, alongside some evaluations of plant growth promotion capabilities. Fewer studies investigated the soil microbiota and their potential to increase cycling and mobilization of nutrients in biochar amended soils. This review is discussing the latest findings in the bacterial contribution to cycling and mobilizing nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur in biochar amended soils and potential contributions to plant growth promotion. Depending on feedstock, pyrolysis, soil type and plant cover, changes in the bacterial community structure were observed for a majority of the studies using amplicon sequencing or genetic fingerprinting methods. Prokaryotic nitrification largely depends on the availability of ammonium and can vary considerably under soil biochar amendment. However, denitrification to di-nitrogen and in particular nitrous oxide reductase activity is commonly enhanced, resulting in reduced nitrous oxide emissions. Likewise, bacterial fixation of di-nitrogen appears to be regularly enhanced. A paucity of studies suggests that bacterial mobilization of phosphorus and sulfur is enhanced as well. However, most studies only tested for extracellular sulfatase and phosphatase activity. Further research is needed to reveal details of the bacterial nutrient mobilizing capabilities and this is in particular the case for the mobilization of phosphorus and sulfur.

ISBN: 9780128048030
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