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James Carr
Islamophobia in Dublin: Experiences and how to respond
Immigrant Council of Ireland
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Islamophobia, racism, Muslims, anti-Muslim racism, Dublin, Ireland
Islamophobia and anti-Muslim racism are established realities in Ireland.1 Academic research and data provided by non-governmental organisations, continue to evidence the manner in which Muslim men and women experience hostility and discrimination in Ireland. This new research builds on previous work but also asks Muslim communities in Dublin for their perspectives on what activities they perceive are required to challenge anti-Muslim hostility and discrimination. Thus in addition to drawing on personal experiences of anti-Muslim racism, discussions with participants also focussed on: what supports/campaigns people felt were required; how these supports/campaigns should manifest; and importantly, how the Immigrant Council of Ireland and other civil society organisations and partners, can work with Muslim communities to make these supports/campaigns a reality.
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Support by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.