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James Carr
“People spit in my face for being Muslim”
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anti-Muslim racism, Islamophobia, Ireland, Muslims, Islam.
“People spit in my face for being Muslim” was a comment made during this research by an Irish Muslim man. “Muhammed is dead" and "go back to your country” were slurs shouted at a Malaysian Muslim girl. These comments in isolation are just two instances of Islamophobia, or as I prefer to call it, anti-Muslim racism; as narrated by people who participated in the study discussed here. In themselves, of course they hardly constitute an evidence base, but the findings presented below offer more insight into hostility towards Muslims in Ireland than the Irish State has on record. As it stands today, the Irish State is blind to anti-Muslim racism as it does not systematically collect data on this phenomenon as a distinct manifestation of racist activity. Yet as will be demonstrated, there is no question that anti-Muslim racism is a reality for Muslim men, women and children in Ireland.
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