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Roberto Mazza
The Great War in the Middle East
This conference will re-examine the origins, conduct and consequences of the First World War in the Middle East. The voluminous historiography of the conflict remains, however, focused on the European experience of 1914-18. This conference aims to bring historians of the Middle East and the First World War together to discuss this formative event and to relate the Great War to the broader period of conflict that affected the Ottoman Empire from 1911 to 1923. The conference will provide a forum for scholars from around the world to examine the complexities of the Middle Eastís Great War, and to discuss new avenues for research and debate. This was a region in which the great imperial powers of the early twentieth century struggled for control, and the resulting conflict unleashed powerful nationalist, imperial, religious, and ethnic dynamics that continue to both fascinate historians and to shape the region to this day. The conference will address these inter-related factors, and their role in the breaking and making of empires and nation-states in the Middle East. In doing so, the breadth of proposed papers and discussions will integrate military, social, cultural, and political histories together to provide a broader history of the Middle East and the First World War.
Sandhurst and Oxford (UK)
Invited Oral Presentation
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"Alone, with the Enemy or With God? The Christian Churches of Palestine during the War"