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O'Sullivan, K; Leahy, S
Society of Legal Scholars Annual Conference
‘Muslim Marriage Recognition in Ireland: Unseen Challenges’
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University of Oxford, England
In light of the differences between traditional Muslim marriage practice and the statutory formalities required for entry into a legally recognised marriage in many common law jurisdictions, question-marks hang over the legal status of a potentially significant number of Muslim marriages undertaken in the Western World. While increasing attention has been drawn to the issue in many jurisdictions (including England and Wales), there has been little, if any, investigation to ascertain whether or to what extent such issues are also arising in Ireland. This paper seeks to fill this gap. The research highlights the specific formalities to be adhered to under the Civil Registration Act 2004 in order to produce a legally recognised marriage in the State. While many Muslim marriages may meet these standards, a potentially significant minority may not. In this context, the paper considers the legislative protection available to Muslim spouses whose marriage remains unrecognised. 
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