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McGarr, O; McDonagh, A
International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED)
The ICT Coordinator: Technology Champion or Maintenance Technician? Implications for ICT Leadership in Schools.
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ICT Coordinator ICT in schools Educational leadership Pedagogical leadership
Chova, LG; Martinez, AL; Torres, IC
Valencia, Spain

Research into the challenges faced when integrating ICT into schools has focused on aspects such as the school's levels of ICT infrastructure, teachers' confidence and skills in utilising ICT, the availability of time and the availability on-going continuing professional development opportunities for teachers. However the influence of an ICT champion within the school that provides vision and leadership is also critical.  Such responsibilities are normally assigned to the 'ICT coordinator', however to date little research exists that fully explores this role.


In this context this research explored the role of the ICT coordinator in Post-Primary schools in the Mid-West region of Ireland. The first phase of data collection involved a questionnaire, distributed to 37 participating schools and was followed by a second phase of data collection that involved interviewing nine ICT coordinators.


This research found that the role of the ICT coordinator varied from school to school.  In some schools the position was a senior post of responsibility while in others the role held little status.  Throughout all schools a strong focus on maintenance of existing equipment and hardware acquisition was prevalent. As a result, the ICT coordinators tended to view progress in terms of hardware acquisition rather than the nature of its use.  In addition, there appeared to be a concern that 'too much' ICT could be introduced into schools. 


These findings suggest that, despite the positive attitudes towards ICT expressed by the ICT coordinators, the concerns expressed by them about 'overusing’ ICT seems to point to assumptions that are less supportive of the technology.


The findings also highlight a clear divide between the rhetoric at policy level in relation to the coordinators role and the actual reality within the school.  From this research it would appear that the evolution of the ICT Coordinator from ‘electronic janitor to pedagogical leader’ (Lobos, 2008) remains a future aspiration rather than a current reality.

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