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Eleanor J Giraud
2015 Unknown
Scriptorium: Wesen, Funktion, Eigenheiten
The Dominican Scriptorium at Saint-Jacques, and its Production of Liturgical Exemplars
Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften
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Dominican Palaeography Medieval Paris Notation Book production
Following the reform of the Dominican liturgy in 1256, there was a concerted effort at the Parisian convent of Saint-Jacques to produce several 'exemplars': compendia comprising all the books necessary for liturgical celebration.  Although some copying may have been undertaken by Dominican brothers, the majority of the work on the exemplars was most probably completed by a group of professional scribes working under the supervision of a Dominican brother.  Through a codicological and palaeographical study of the three surviving exemplars, this paper examines the personnel and organistation of copying within the Dominican convent of Saint-Jacques
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