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Morin, Christina and Marguerite Corporaal
Traveling Irishness in the Long Nineteenth Century
Palgrave Macmillan
New York and Basingstoke
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emigration travel translation cultural transfer

This essay collection explores the act and the representation of traveling by Irish men and women from diverse walks of life in the period between Grattan’s Parliament (1782) and World War I (1914). This was a period marked by an increasing physical and cultural mobility of Irish throughout Britain, Continental Europe, the Americas, and the Pacific. Travel was undertaken for a variety of reasons: as part of Grand Tours; for artistic, political, and economic purposes; and in the form of migration.

Exploring the effects of traveling, migration, and other forms of cultural contact, particularly with Europe, this book offers groundbreaking perspectives on current debates surrounding issues of transculturalism, emigration, commemoration, and identity formation. Demonstrating the impact of the nineteenth-century Irish across national borders and their engagement with global cultural and linguistic traditions, the volume provides novel insights into the transcultural spheres of the arts, literature, politics, and translation in which they were active.
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