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McGarr, O; O' Grady, E; Guilfoyle, L
Journal Of Education For Teaching
Exploring the theory-practice gap in initial teacher education: moving beyond questions of relevance to issues of power and authority
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Theory-practice gap; student teacher; authority; teacher power bases; discourse analysis
The ‘theory-practice divide’ in teacher education can be viewed not simply as an acceptance of a body of knowledge but instead an acceptance of the teacher educator’s authority to determine what is relevant educational theory. This research aimed to explore student teachers’ views of ‘educational theory’ and how it was discursively positioned relative to their practice in an attempt to examine whether their acceptance or rejection of it was also related to accepting the authority of the teacher educator. Using one-to-one interviews with 23 student teachers and employing a discourse analysis, four categories of students emerged. The paper describes these four categories and discusses the implications of these findings for initial teacher education and our understanding of the ‘theory-practice’ gap
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