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Moss, H; O'Neill, D
The Journal of medical humanities
The Role of the Curator in Modern Hospitals: A transcontinental perspective
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Medical humanities Curation Arts Hospital Arts and health


This paper explores the role of the curator in hospitals. The arts play a significant

role in every society; however, recent studies indicate a neglect of the aesthetic environment of

healthcare. This international study explores the complex role of the curator in modern

hospitals. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with ten arts specialists in hospitals

across five countries and three continents for a qualitative, phenomenological study. Five

themes arose from the data: (1) Patient involvement and influence on the arts programme in

hospital (2) Understanding the role of the curator in hospital (3) Influences on arts programming

in hospital (4) Types of arts programmes (5) Limitations to effective curation in hospital.

Recommendations arising from the research included recognition of the specialised role of the

curator in hospitals; building positive links with clinical staff to effect positive hospital arts

programmes and increasing formal involvement of patients in arts planning in hospital.

Hospital curation can be a vibrant arena for arts development, and the role of the hospital

curator is a ground-breaking specialist role that can bring benefits to hospital life. The role of

curator in hospital deserves to be supported and developed by both the arts and health sectors.

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