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Tosi, D,Poeggel, S,Leen, G,Lewis, E,Macchi, EG,Braschi, G,Gallati, M,Cigada, A,Rossi, S,
Distributed fiber-optic sensors for thermal monitoring in radiofrequency thermal ablation in porcine phantom
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optical fiber sensors distributed sensors temperature measurement radiofrequency thermal ablation (RFTA) ablation of issue THERAPY
In this paper, we report for the first time the application of two distributed fiber-optic sensing systems in medical radiofrequency thermal ablation (RFTA). Measurement systems are based on a distributed temperature sensor based on high-speed detection of Rayleigh signature, and a linearly chirped fiber Bragg grating (LCFBG) sensor that detects temperature distribution on 1.5 cm length. Both technologies are capable of achieving sub-0.1mm spatial resolution. The sensing systems have been applied to monitor the temperature pattern induced by RFTA, measuring temperature gradients in excess of 5 degrees C/mm. All tests have been performed on porcine liver tissue, the phantom of human liver. The results show the premises for the realization of a distributed sensor installed on a RFTA device, capable of real-time prediction and estimation of the ablation effect.
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