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Tindall, D.; Neylon, J.; Parker, M.; Tannehill, D.
2017 March
Inclusive Physical Activities: International Perspectives
Promoting Social Inclusion and Physical Activity for Students With Special Educational Needs Through Adventure Education
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Charlotte, NC
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adapted physical activity; outdoor and adventure education
The purpose of this chapter is to share how curriculum models are used as part of the post-primary curriculum in Ireland and justify the particular use of one model of outdoor adventure education in promoting the social inclusion of students with SEN through physical activity. As the chapter progresses, the reader will understand how the curricular model framework is utilized within the Irish educational system with a particular focus on adventure education and its application for students with SEN. Finally, through a case study approach framed using a constructivist theoretical perspective, the authors offer an example of how to maximize involvement, social participation, and the inclusion of students with SEN both within and beyond the physical education setting.
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