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Tannehill, D.; Parker, M.; Tindall, D.; Moody, B.; MacPhail, A.
Asia-Pacific Journal of Health, Sport and Physical Education
Looking across and within: Studying ourselves as teacher educators
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physical education teacher education; communities of practice; self-study
The purpose of this paper is to describe self-study of a community of physical education teacher educators striving to enhance their research capacity and programme effectiveness. The underpinnings of the project reside in professional development/professional learning and self-study.  Engaging in self-study projects “allows teacher educators to focus on their own practice and students’ learning while meeting the research expectations of life as an academic” (Tannehill, 2013, p. 19).  While often beginning with individuals looking at their own work, self-study does not need to confine itself to individuals and can involve collaboration among varying numbers across a variety of participants (Loughran & Russell, 2002).  This paper reflects one PETE programme’s initial attempts to design a self-study line of research.  It describes three cases drawn from memory, written reflection, and the review of artifacts, that present the potential of self-study to contribute to professional growth and continued learning.  Discussion, framed by Loughran’s (2006) characteristics of community, stance, and desire indicates that, while still a work-in-progress, this project has allowed our group to address tensions, dilemmas, and practices of interest, providing for the acquisition of knowledge to move forward both programmatically and individually. Our intent in sharing this work is to provide a platform for discussion as to the potential programmatic use of self-study to enhance PETE programmes and the research capacities of physical education teacher educators.
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